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Welcome to our website Dogsland.co.uk where we share our love and passion for dogs. Visitors will find regular new information about dog breeds, dog training and dog care. This last year, Dogsland.co.uk has rescued two dogs from two different dog kennels, Kane and Fiona.

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Dog accessories

At Dogsland.co.uk, we understand the comfort of your dog is of primary importance to you. Therefore, we now give all dog owners the possibility to select their dog's accessories on-line such as dog collars, dog leashes, dog food, dog beddings, dog health products, dog toys and much more. For the comfort of your dog, we encourage you to view our range of dog products today.

Dog owners responsibilities

A vast amount of dogs are abandoned every year in the UK. Adopting a dog is not only an extremely exciting experience but also an ample level of responsibility is implied. It is therefore recommended to put a lot of beneficial thoughts into adopting a dog of any breed. Such decisions will help in maintaining a healthy and happy relationship between your dog yourself.

Our rescue dogs

In 2009, Dogsland offered a fresh start to two rescue dogs, Kane and Fiona.

Our first rescue dog, Kane, was adopted from a rescue shelter in Edenbridge called Last Chance Animal Rescue. In May 2009, Kane had been rescued from a kennel in Wales and was brought back to the Animal rescue centre in Edenbridge. Kane stayed there several months until we visited the rescue kennel and adopted him as our first rescue dog.

Our second rescue dog, Fiona, was discarded by her previous owners on the account that she was too boisterous and, therefore, her owners had difficulties coping with her. When we visited the rescue shelter, in November, Fiona immediately caught our attention and it did not took long until we realized that she would make a great companion for Kane.

The RSPCA helped us to introduce Kane to Fiona to each other. After several visits, to the rescue kennel, we brought Fiona back home. From this day on, our two rescue dogs have made great progress.

Adopting a dog

Dog adoption

Once you have selected which dog breed would be the most suitable to your lifestyle, you should not rush into the adoption. Be aware that there are many dog breeders who do not respect the dog welfare.

Dog training

Dog training

Regular dog training will help you set rules and boundaries for your dog and help you become his pack leader. As a dog owner, it is very important to fulfill the role of pack leader so that the dog does not develop unwanted behaviors. To give your puppy a good start, it is necessary to give him the appropriate dog training. You can encourage good behaviors by praising your dog or giving him a treat. On the contrary, you can discourage unwanted behavior by saying a firm 'No'.

Dog boarding

Dog boarding

There are many boarding kennels to choose from in the UK. Dog boarding is a good way of ensuring the safety and comfort of your pet while you are away on vacation.

Boarding kennels in the UK often offer a wide selection of services such as obedience training and dog walking.