About us

About us

Dogsland.co.uk is made by passionate dogs lovers who own or have owned dogs in the past. We like to give new dog owners some important information about different dog breeds and training tips. At Dogsland.co.uk we know that adopting a dog is a life long commitment and as such we attach as much importance in selecting the right dog breed as well as the most appropriate dog training methods. We believe that a good careful selection of the dog breed is crucial to finding the right companion.

This implies gathering as much information as possible regarding the dog breed and choosing a dog from a responsible dog breeder. The selection of the dog breed should never be made according to the breed popularity but according to its level of energy and temperament. Many new dog owners make the mistake to adopt a too active dog who does not correspond to their life style. As a result a lot of dogs end up in dog rescue kennels.

Visiting the litter and meeting the dog breeder is also a must before taking a decision of adopting a puppy. Indeed, the puppy will need to be well socialized around humans and will need to spend as much time within the litter so that the mother dog can have a positive influence on the puppies temperament and behaviour.

As a result, a dog which is carefully selected will make a good and faithful companion.

At Dogsland.co.uk we insist on the fact that adopting a dog is an important decision as a dog will need care throughout his entire life. This involves planned dog expenses like buying toys or food for example, and unexpected expenses like going to the vet or everyday life incidents.

On behalf of Dogsland.co.uk we wish nice and pleasant with your new companion and if you have any questions or if would like to send us some feedback on your experiences feel free to contact us.

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