Dog beds and dog beddings

A dog bed for your dog

Bringing your dog into your household is a very exciting experience. However, introducing your dog to his new environment should be done with care.

Organizing the dog's arrival will help ensure that his first few days at home go as smoothly as possible. By nature, dogs do not like to be disturbed when sleeping. Therefore, dogs generally prefer to sleep in a quiet and remote place within the house with adequate dog beddings.

Before installing a suitable dog beddings in the house, the dog owner will need to find the right location to put the dog bed. Communal areas, such as the reception and corridors should be avoided. This is because, they are too noisy for the dog to feel comfortable and settled. When looking for a place to install the dog bed, it is important to find a location which offers an easy connection to the rest of the house. This way, the dog will be able to leave his comfortable dog beddings and join you in the house at any time.

Prior to bringing your dog to his new home, it is recommended that you give your dog beddings to the breeder or the kennel. This way the breeder / kennel can allow the puppy to familiarise himself with your dog beddings in a familiar environment. The dog bedding will retain the scent of the litter from the kennel. The familiar scent of the litter, will help your dog adjust to his new home quicker.

Encouraging the puppy to sleep in his dog bed

If you have recently adopted a puppy, it is of primary importance to establish the rules and boundaries of the household. These rules and boundaries will need to be followed by all the family members to avoid creating a confusion in the dog’s mind. From the first day, your puppy will need to understand the hierarchy within the household. Subsequently, he should learn to sleep in the dog bed which has been allocated to him. At first, it is a good idea to reward the puppy whenever he is going onto his dog bedding.

Generally, a newly adopted puppy will retain a strong connection to his litter and mother. Therefore, any change of environment will need careful consideration to allow the puppy to adjust to sleeping on his own dog beddings. The first night of the puppy in his new house is often the most difficult as the puppy has just been separated from his litter. As such the puppy may tend to cry at night.

It is recommended that new dogs owners should stay persistent and let the puppy settle in his dog beddings. There is tendency from new dog owners to allow the puppy to join them at night in their bed.

However, such habits are likely to encourage dominant behaviour in the puppy giving him the wrong signal as he will assume there is a opportunity for him to lead the household.

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