A puppy or an older dog from the kennel

Dog rescue

Before adopting a puppy, it is important to make sure your entire household will commit themselves. On average a dog lives 12 to 15 years. Are you willing to change your way of life to give your new companion a good life? Dogs require to be walked 2 times a day for about 45 minutes. Because of their origins, dogs are not meant to stay indoors and need to go on regular walks to remain healthy and balanced.

Moreover, training a puppy is not as easy as we would thought and requires a lot of time and patience. Puppies need their owners to be patient and to remain strict with them. If the dog owner does not commit to this, the puppy can develop behaviour issues which, with time, will be even more difficult to cope with. Behaviour issues are one of the first reason for dogs being abandoned. Another reason of dogs being abandoned is their cost. The dog adoption fee is just one of the cost you will have to face. On his first year, puppy will need to be micro chipped and get two injections. The price to micro chipped a dog ranges between £15 to £35 and the average costs of a dog vaccination is £40. After his first year, your dog will need an annual booster vaccination. On top of that, you should always consider the non-expected veterinary costs if your dog becomes sick. When looking for a dog, you might find that some dog breeds are healthier than others. If you are cautious about your spendings, it might be in your interest to carefully select a healthier dog breed or a dog who does not need grooming.

The question of your lifestyle is also very important as some dogs have more energy than others. This is the case for hunting dogs as well as working dogs. Because these dogs have been trained to perform tasks, they need their owner to give them more exercise and more challenges. A working dog will be a wonderful companion if he can share your activities. In general, dogs with lower energy level will be better companions for sedentary people but it is important to remember that whatever the dog breed you select, you will still need to give them enough exercise.

A puppy from a dog breeder