A puppy from a dog breeder

A puppy from a dog breeder

Once you have selected which dog breed would be the most suitable to your lifestyle, you should not rush into the adoption. Be aware that there are many dog breeders who do not respect the dog welfare. Therefore, selecting carefully the dog breeder is a must.

A conscientious dog breeder will carefully select his dogs before breeding:

  • He will select good natured dogs, conform to the breed standard.
  • He will bring his dogs to the veterinary clinic where a series of test will be made on both dogs.
    This, in order to check that the dogs do not carry a genetic disease and pass it on to their pups.
  • He will not hesitate to bring the mother dog for a health check during her pregnancy.
  • He will spend a lot of time socializing the puppies
  • etc...

For all these reasons, it is important to meet different dog breeders and to see the whole litter if possible. It is always best to choose a puppy who has been raised in a home with children so you can be sure he has been socialized. The first six months of a puppy's life are very important as it is the time he will build his personality according to the experiences he made. For this reason, most veterinary advise to leave the puppies in the good care of their mother for 3 months. During these 3 months, the mother dog will teach her puppies to be gentle while playing. Living with the rest of the litter, your puppy will build his confidence around other dogs.

On the day you visit the litter, remember this simple rule: 'do not get emotional'. Of course all these puppies look very cute and you would like to give cuddles to all of them but try to get over that. You would like to give your preference to the puppy coming towards you? It might look like he is welcoming you but he is in fact checking you out. In a pack, this puppy will probably grow to become the pack leader. For an inexperienced owner, it is recommended to choose another puppy from the litter as this confident puppy will be more difficult to train and will always be contesting your orders.

As making a good friend, remember that it takes time to find the perfect dog companion. Therefore, do not hesitate to look to different breeders and visit the litter a few times.

Before bringing your puppy home, you should organize a comfortable place for him. Choose a room where your puppy will not be disturbed by the people passing by. If you have enough space it is a good idea to buy a crate for your puppy so that he can have his own secure place when you leave the house. When left on their own, some anxious puppies can chew furnitures. This can be easily avoided by giving your puppy the appropriate crate training.

You should also contact the dog breeder and ask him which puppy food you should buy for your dog. Responsible dog breeders feed their dogs with the best aliments. This, in order to ensure the puppies will be in good health. Changing the puppy food too suddenly might make him sick or give him digestive problem. Therefore, if you are planning to change your puppy diet, it is very important to seek advise from your vet first.

From the day you bring your puppy home, you should set rules and boundaries so that your puppy does not develop behavior issues. Before allowing him to the house, bring him to the garden to allow him to relieve himself. If travelling is stressful for dogs, it is even more stressful for non-experienced puppies so they will need a few minutes in the garden. Keep your puppy on the lead so everything he does is done under your supervision and with your agreement. After a few minutes, your puppy should relieve himself in the garden. Reward him.

When walking in the house, keep your puppy on the lead for a better supervision and bring him to the room you have organized for him. From this moment, leave your puppy explore the room and interact with him. You will need to give him crate training as soon as possible so that he does not get anxious when left on his own. When he goes to the crate, you can say the word 'Bed' so that, in time, he will associate the word 'Bed' to going to the crate. A way to make the crate training more entertaining for your puppy is to give him a reward when he goes in his crate by himself (dog treats or some of his puppy food, cuddles...).

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