Dog boarding

Dog boarding

There are many boarding kennels to choose from in the UK. Dog boarding is a good way of ensuring the safety and comfort of your pet while you are away on vacation.

Boarding kennel services

Boarding kennels in the UK often offer a wide selection of services such as obedience training and dog walking. When looking for a boarding kennel for your dog, it is important to take into consideration the additional services available, as these little extras can contribute to making your dog's stay more pleasant and enjoyable.

Visiting the boarding kennel

To ensure the boarding kennel services' are suitable for your dog's needs, we recommend that you go visit the kennel before checking your dog in.

Enlisting your dog in a boarding kennel

Once, you have made your choice and selected the appropriate boarding kennel, you will need to fill out some forms. These forms are the primary source of information for the boarding kennel and subsequently should be filled out properly in case there is a need for the boarding kennel to contact you.

Dog boarding recommendations

The boarding kennel's staff will give you a list of recommendations for the day you bring your dog in. Pet boarding establishments generally give the option to all dog owners that they will feed your dog with adequate dry food, corresponding to recommended dietary guidelines. In some circumstances, if your dog requires a specific diet, the boarding kennel's staff might ask you to bring your dog's usual aliment.

Advantages of dog boarding

While you are away, your dog will be well looked after by dog boarding professionals who are used to handling all types of dog breeds. The boarding kennel's staff will interact with your dog everyday and provide the best possible care for your dog, monitoring your dog's diet and health.

If the boarding kennel's staff has any concern about the health of your dog, they will contact you accordingly and, if necessary, will bring your dog to the nearest veterinary surgeon for a health check.

Dog boarding will give you a peace of mind during your holidays, as you can be sure that your dog is well looked after whilst you are away.