Affenpinscher description

The Affenpinscher breed comes from Germany. The breed is the result of the breeding of the Pug with the German Pinscher. We believe the Affenpinscher was primarly bred as a family companion. Later on, the dog became acknowledged as a courageous ratter and was used by farmers to protect their livestock. Nowadays, the Affenpinscher is known as a good and faithful companion.

Affenpinscher characteristics

A Affenpincher measures less than 11 inches and weighs from 4 to 6 kilos. His coat is dense and the hair is harsh and wiry. The coat is generally black.

Affenpinsher grooming and care

The Affenpinsher 's hair does not shed much but still requires to be brushed and combed regularly. Doing so, will ensure the hair is free from tangles and help preventing mat. As most dog with wiry hair, your Affenpinscher will need to be hand strip regularly. This procedure is essential in maintaining a healthy coat as it helps removing the dead hair. The dog's teeth should also be brushed regularly to reduce the risk of periodontal disease.

Affenpinsher temperament

The Affenpinsher is known to a very active toy dog. He takes great delight in going on walks and exploring his surroundings. By nature playful, he is a good companion for families with older children. However he can be wary about strangers.

Affenpinscher training

The Affenpinscher qualities, such as courage and stubbornness, which made him an excellent ratter can make dog training more challenging for the inexperienced owner. Subsequently, it is essential to start obedience training as soon as possible and, if possible, with the Affenpinscher puppy.

Affenpinscher food habits

The Affenpinscher breed is prone to intestinal problems. Subsequently, the Affenpinscher requires a healthy diet containing the right nutrients and within the right proportions.

Affenpinscher health

Overall, the Affenpinscher is a healthy dog breed. However, some health conditions can affect the breed such as:

Affenpinscher pictures

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