English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel description

English Springer SpanielThe English Springer Spaniel breed is one of the oldest Spaniel breed. The English Springer Spaniel dog breed descends from the Norfolk Spaniel and was developed in 1812 to assist hunters.

The English Springer Spaniel breed became very famous for their hunting abilities, flushing out preys and retrieving them. The breed takes the name springer from its abilities to spring or flush birds out of the edges.Due to its ancient origins the English Springer Spaniel dog breed is likely to have contributed to the development of other Spaniel dog breeds such as the Field Spaniel.

English Springer Spaniels are now commonly seen as working dogs or show dogs. The working type has kept stronger hunting instincts over the years.

English Springer Spaniel characteristics

With a size of 19 to 20 inches, English Springer Spaniels are the tallest of all the Spaniel breeds. English Springer Spaniels generally weighs between 22 to 24 kilos. The coat of the Springer Spaniel is of medium length. The colour of the coat is generally black and white or liver and white.

English Springer Spaniel grooming

The coat of the English Springer Spaniel needs to be brushed regularly. The hair around the ears and on the dog's legs should be brushed carefully as tangles easily form in this area. It is recommended to trim the hair between the dog's pads regularly in order to prevent accumulation of dirt.

English Springer Spaniel temperament

English Springer Spaniels are generally very friendly dogs, very attached to their owners. Reputed for their gentle temperament, English Springer Spaniels are normally good around children. Being a very lively dog breed, they enjoy playing with their owners.

The English Springer Spaniel is a very sociable dog breed which may suffer when left alone for long period. For this reason, they will be happier in a home where the owner is often present. Moreover, due to their origins, English Springer Spaniels require a fair amount of exercise and challenges to remain healthy and balanced. A English Springer Spaniel who lacks exercise might easily run away chasing preys.

English Springer Spaniel training

English Springer Spaniels require gentle but firm training. Being extremely sociable, they are always eager to please their owners. This character trait make them fast learners. However, as with all dog breeds, it is important that the English Springer Spaniel puppy understands the hierarchy of the household. As a result, obedience training should start as soon as possible when you bring your puppy home. Doing so will help in developing a healthy relationship and closer bond between owner and dog.

However, the English Springer Spaniel breed has also been victim of its popularity and over breeding has created a few defects within the breed such as extreme shyness and aggressive behaviours. As a result, it is highly recommended to find a responsible dog breeder before acquiring a English Springer Spaniel puppy.

English Springer Spaniel puppies who have been raised and trained properly generally make ideal companions.

English Springer Spaniel food habits

English Springer Spaniel should be fed with a good quality aliment to remain healthy. Owners should pay attention to the diet of their English Springer Spaniel as this dog breed tends to gain weight easily.

English Springer Spaniel health

The life expectancy of a English Springer Spaniel varies between 12 to 14 years old. There are a few health concerns within the English Springer Spaniel breed such as:

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