Jack Russell

Jack Russell information

The Jack Russell Terrier is a small dog breed which belongs to the Terrier group. The Dog breed takes its name from his creator, Jack Russell. Jack Russell wanted to breed small dogs who could hunt small preys in their den.

Jack Russell characteristics

The Jack Russell Terrier is 10 to 15 inches tall and weight between 5 and 6 Kilos. It is important that the chest of the Jack Russell is not too wide as this small dog needs to enter burrows to hunt small preys. His tail is also a precious asset as hunters will grab the dog tail to get him out of borrows.

The Jack Russell's coat is short-haired and is usually white with a black or tan marking.

Jack Russell temperament

The Jack Russell is a small and tenacious dog. Like most Terriers and hunting dogs, he is full of energy and needs plenty of exercise. Jack Russells are very intelligent and are fast learners. They can be very stubborn, though, and will need their owner to be strict. A lot of people adopt Jack Russell puppies because they find them cute without realizing that they are very tenacious little dogs. They can sometimes end up ruling the house if not trained properly. As a result, many Jack Russells are abandoned in the UK every year.

Jack Russell training

Training a puppy Jack Russell requires time and patience. A firm training will help you build good and lasting relationship with your Jack Russell. From the day you bring your puppy Jack Russell home, you should establish rules, boundaries and limitation. This will help you in becoming the pack leader of your dog. Jack Russell can be very stubborn. Therefore, it is very important not to give up in their training. Allowing your dog to get away with unwanted behaviors will make him you. If your pack leader. On the contrary, giving your dog a good training will make him a more balanced dog.

For people who do not have experience of the Jack Russell breed, it is recommended to bring your dog to an obedience school to get professional advice on training.

Jack Russell food habits

Jack Russells diet need to be established according to their level of exercise. A hunting dog, will need a richer aliment to have enough energy. When feeding your dog with homemade food, owners should be careful not overfeeding their dog and giving them the nutrients they need to remain healthy.

Jack Russell Health

Jack Russells are generally very healthy dogs. Their life expectancy varies from 12 to 15 years. As for any other dog breed, it is very important to find a responsible Jack Russell breeder to avoid any genetic disease.

The genetic diseases which can affect Jack Russell are the following:

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