Rottweiler information

The Rottweiler breed comes from Germany where they were firstly trained as cattle dogs. In Middle Ages, Rottweilers ancestors were trained to follow the butcher protecting their owners from getting robbed. At the beginning of the 20th century, convoying cattle is prohibited and the Rottweiler population decreases. It is believed that, at that time, Rottweil, in Germany, counted only one Rotweiler. With the war approching, Rottweilers became more popular helping in farms.

The height of Rottweilers varies between 22 to 36 inches. Like most big dogs, Rottweilers live around 10 to 12 years.

Rottweiler characteristics

The coat of Rotweilers is black and tanned. To be conform with the breed standard Rottweilers should not weight over 50 kilos. Some Rottweiler breeders promote stronger and bigger Rottweilers. These over-sized Rottweilers are not conform to the breed standards and only increases people's apprehension of the Rottweiler breed.

Rottweiler: a good working dog

Being self-confident, Rottweilers are good watchdogs. This makes them good guard dogs and police dogs.

In the past, Rottweilers were trained to pull carts and drive cattle. Nowadays, some Rottweilers owners still train them for that.

When trained properly, good natured Rottweilers can be good assistance dogs.

Rottweiler temperament

It comes very naturally for the Rottweiler to protect his territory and his owners. When well trained and socialized, Rottweilers are good companions. Because of their origins, Rottweilers love to have an activity. The Rottweiler breed is classified as a strong breed. Therefore, it is important train them properly and to give them plenty of exercise. An early socialization it is mandatory as they can be very protective of their owners.

Rottweiler training

Rottweilers being very self-confident and territorial animals, it is very important to establish a strong hierarchy in the household. Also, it is important to set rules from the day you bring your puppy Rottweiller home. Because Rottweilers are territorial animals, an early socialization is essential. It is recommanded to bring your puppy Rottweiler in places he will meet other people. Enlisting to obedience classes can also help you get a good start with your dog.

Rottweiler food habits

It is important to give a good diet to your dog to avoid any health issue. At every stage of his life, your Rottweiler will need a different diet.

Rottweiler health

Overall, Rottweiler is an healthy breed. There are cases of

  • Hip dysplasia. Therefore, it is important to get your dog from a responsible Rottweiler breeder.

Rottweiler pictures

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