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It is important to feed adults dogs with the good quality dog food. A dog who has a good nutrition will be more likely not to develop skin problems and will have a brighter coat. Also, it is necessary to check the ingredients on the dog food package. In pet shops, there are many dog food brand available. To ensure you buy the best dog food for your dog seek advice from your vet. To be more competitive, many brands do not apply strict control over the level of calories, proteins and vitamins in their dry food. Also buying these products regularly will not assure you your dog will get the nutrients he needs. In fact, he might become less active because of a lack of vitamins or, on the contrary, be over excited due to a too high level of calories in his food.

If your dog eats dry food, it is important to make sure he has enough water. Alternatively, you can mix his dry food with can food or add other treats.

When your dog becomes a senior and starts having less activities, it is recommended to give him senior dog food. This should help him not gaining weight and have a better digestion.

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