General Conditions

Infection and inflammation

  • Pulmonary fibrosis: This pulmonary inflammation can be diagnosed with a radiography of the dog. Dogs diagnosed with this disease require immediate treatment as this infection can lead to heart failure. Dogs affected by this disease will be short of breath when exercising.

  • Urinary track infections: frequent urination with blood trace is a sign of a urinary track infection. It is recommended to treat the affected dog as soon as possible to avoid a more severe health condition from occuring. Urinary track infection can be cured with injections and antibiotics.

  • Periodontal disease: It is essential to clean the teeth of your dog regularly in order to avoid gum disease.


  • Oesophageal achalasia: it happens when the lower oesophageal sphincter cannot relax. As a result, dogs affected by this disease have difficulties to swallow their food and tend to regurgitate undigested food. If you suspect your dog suffering form Oesophageal achalasia, you should bring him top the vet for a proper examination. Surgical treatment is often required.

  • Oesteosarcoma (Bone cancer): it generally affects the long bone of the limbs. The bone cancer spreads up very rapidly to other part of the body. Dogs affected by this disease are often lamed and a swelling can be felt next to the joint. Dogs suffering from bone cancer should receive an immediate treatment. The prognostic for dogs suffering from bone cancer is usually not very optimistic.

  • Lymphoma: this cancer requires immediate treatment as it can spread very rapidly. It generally affects the lymph nodes of the dog. Lymphoma symptoms include vomiting, diarrhoea and, subsequently, dramatical loss of weight.

Skin conditions

  • Atopic dermatitis: it is quite common within the some dog breeds such as the West Highland White Terrier with many dogs suffering from allergies. Allergies are generally caused by a substance in the dog's environment.


Internal disorders