Dog training

Dog training

Regular dog training will help you set rules and boundaries for your dog and help you become his pack leader. As a dog owner, it is very important to fulfill the role of pack leader so that the dog does not develop unwanted behaviors. To give your puppy a good start, it is necessary to give him the appropriate dog training. You can encourage good behaviors by praising your dog or giving him a treat. On the contrary, you can discourage unwanted behavior by saying a firm 'No'. When making corrections, it is important that your dog associates the 'No' with the unwanted behavior. Therefore, it has absolutely no use to say 'No' when the unwanted action has already occurred; corrections should be made on the instant. Remember the more your dog misbehaves, the more opportunity for you to make corrections and become his pack leader. You should always stay calm and assertive when training your dog: there is no need to scream at him as he will not understand and might see it as an aggression or become frighten from humans.

For non experienced puppy and dog owners, it can be interesting to take part to dog obedience classes where professional dog trainers will be happy to give you personal advice on dog training. If needed, the dog trainer will also be able to recommend you dog training equipment, like dog collars, or dog training resources, like dog training books.

If dog training requires a lot of patience, puppy training requires even more patience. Puppies are often very active and playful. Therefore, their training should start the very fist day you bring them home.

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