Our rescue dogs, Kane and Fiona

We first entered the garden with Kane and Fiona. For security, we kept them on the lead. Then, we introduced Fiona to her new home, showing her the rooms she was allowed in. After this, we put her in the dog crate we had organized for her. We did not realize right away but Kane was jealous of the attention we were giving to Fiona and growled at her. We corrected him, asking him to lie down on the floor. From this moment, we understood, it would take time to get him to relax next to her and for him to learn to share his territory but like him, Fiona was here to stay. For the first weeks, we would not leave Kane and Fiona without supervision. We could not trust Kane just yet. We took them both on long walks, walking side by side so that Kane would slowly get use to be next to another dog. It was a very tiring exercise for him and the first day, he collapsed on the floor, not wanting to move anymore. With each day passing, he became slowly used to going on walks with her.

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At home though, he completely avoided her. If Fiona was with us in the living room, Kane would go in the kitchen. We would call him for cuddles, he will welcome a few cuddles and leave the room. It was heart breaking and we could not wait to the the improvements in Kane's behavior. After the first month, Kane became used to having Fiona around, he would for the first time come by himself to claim his cuddles. Fiona will come next to him and lie in his bed. We could see they were starting to bond. In the garden, we had to remove all the dog toys as Kane was possessive over them. He particularly liked the squeezy toys. The noise they were making was making him even more obsessed and he was not ready to share.

After all the toys had been removed is only option was to play with Fiona. It took a bit of time but they eventually got there.

Fiona also learned a lot from Kane and we must recognize, Kane helped us a lot in showing her the way to behave indoors. Very soon, Fiona started to copy Kane. If Kane was lying on the corridor, waiting for a signal from us to come in the living room, she will just lie next to him. Since we had him, Kane had always been very calm and quite indoors. At the beginning, Fiona was more active, running from a place to another. Slowly, she picked up Kane's good manners. On the contrary, she taught Kane naughty habits, chewing pens and door wedge, digging holes in the garden... At the moment, we are still working on Kane's aggressive behavior towards other dogs. Eventhough, he has improved a lot with Fiona and is now enjoying her company, he can still be wary about big dogs. Fiona still does not like to be left alone for too long but we believe having Kane around helps her a lot to overcome her anxiety.

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