Fiona, Staffordshire Bull Terrier

On November 2009, we went to visit the RSPCA in Leybourne, thinking about finding a good friend for Kane. A Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Fifi caught our attention. She came greeting us, wagging her tail. She looked very friendly. We took her for a walk and thought she would be the perfect companion for Kane. The staff at the kennel told us that her previous owners had called the RSPCA because they could not cope with her, being too boisterous. They also informed us that she will require a lot of patience from her new owners as she was a blank canvas and was suffering from separation anxiety. We informed the staff at the kennel that our dog, Kane, would need to meet her several time, being wary about dogs getting too close. The staff was very helpful and organize another visit the next day. So we brought Kane along, we could tell from his behavior that he was stressed smelling and hearing so many other dogs. One of the person working in the RSPCA in Leybourne, Kelly, took Fifi on the lead and they had their first introduction. It went very smoothly as Kane could smell Fifi was in seasons.

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Even though Kane had been spayed, he had still memories and was showing a lot of interest in his new friend. We arranged more visits after that so that Kane will bond with Fiona. The staff at the RSPCA was always very friendly and helpful. On the last visit, Kelly asked us to let Kane loose in one of the fenced area so that we could see how he would get alone with Fiona. He behaved very well and on the 25th of November 2009, we came back to pick up our Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Fifi. The staff at the RSPCA advised us to borough one of their cage as Fifi was still in seasons and Kane might have annoyed her. On our way back, we had attached Fifi onto the car seat but, not happy about that, she cut her lead in half and came on the lap of one of the passenger. She was obviously very stressed from traveling and could not stay still. When we finally arrived, we picked up Kane from the office and brought them home together.

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Our rescue dogs, Kane and Fiona